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#MLA15: A First Look. Comparison with #MLA14

Thank you to everyone who attended our MLA and Data panel in Vancouver. I had a great time at the conference in spite of being ill. I was gladly suprised by the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the conference. I regretted not being well enough to attend all the panels I had meant to attend; this meant I could not say hi to a number of people I’ve been meaning to meet in person for a number of years now. Such is life: “between the idea/And the reality/Between the motion/And the act/Falls the Shadow.”

I have finished cleaning the data from my #MLA15 archive; some deduplication remains to be done but in the meanwhile I thought I’d share a quick comparison between the number of tweets during conference days last year and this year:

mla14-15 comparison

I still need to look at how the numbers of unique users in the same period of time compare between 2014 and 2015, but in the meanwhile, at least according to the latest version of my dataset, there was a considerable increase in the tweet volume, fromĀ 21,915 tweets in 2014 (conference days only) to 23,609 tweets in 2015 (conference days only), ie. 1694 tweets more.

Once again the usual caveat, the map is not the territory, these numbers represent the dataset in question.

More, I hope, soon.